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Honeymoon Safari - Luxuriate in the Privacy and Space of an African Safari.


Elephants wander past your private plunge pool. Toasting to romance you watch zebra graze. On a honeymoon safari there is all the space and privacy you need for an unforgettable adventure together. And you are surrounded by the greatest wildlife show on earth.

Think of a Honeymoon Safari as a Journey

Safari is a local Swahili word that means “journey.” There’s no better way to think of the experience. A honeymoon safari provides a very intimate and personal start to the long journey that marriage will bring. Just like married life, it’s a journey made just for two. Travel to deserted island beaches where there’s time to rest and relax after the chaotic weeks leading up to the wedding. Explore vast wildernesses, where there’s space to breathe after everything that’s just happened. Get closer to each other as you get incredibly close to African wildlife.

Private Experiences

Safaris are private experiences. You stay in alluring lodges and camps, with wild game visible in all directions. Wake up to the sound of elephant trumpets and watch giraffe turn to silhouette against the sunset. Buffalo and hippos become your neighbours. Game drives bring you face to face with lions and leopards. At shaded picnic spots you watch wildebeest crossing the plains.

Unique Encounters

Every day is different on the African savannah. The animals and scenes you encounter are unique to you. Just like your wedding was different from every other, so will be your honeymoon safari. The best thing about it all is that a true safari never ends. You’ll see lots of wildlife during game drives and other private activities. But you’ll still be seeing Africa’s wonderful animals when relaxing at the lodge and enjoying time to yourselves.

A Honeymoon Safari: As Unique as the Two Of You.

Even the same couple on the same itinerary won’t have the same animal sightings or experiences as you do. But why should anybody even be on the same itinerary as you? In Africa there is space to play and there are so many options to explore. Experiences in different countries are explained later in this article and where to go is obviously the key consideration. Our travel experts can talk you through the different options, as different destinations suit different types of couples.

Where You Stay – Honeymoon Safari Inspiration

On a honeymoon safari we take you to some of the most exotic locations on earth. Think the great wildebeest migration in the Serengeti or the rhino-covered savannah of the Greater Kruger. These are remote wildernesses, far from civilization. They offer complete seclusion and a real sense of escaping the rest of the world. Yet you can still enjoy contemporary luxury.

Hidden away on these vast landscapes you’ll find upmarket camps and lodges. We’ve handpicked the very best for couples, based on their wildlife location, exclusivity, in-room luxury, and romantic extras. You certainly won’t be roughing it on a honeymoon safari. Sometimes elephants drink from your private plunge pool or champagne dinners are set up beneath the endless stars.

Your choice of accommodation will naturally be led by budget as well. We offer lodges and camps at different price ranges and can guide you through the options. We want you to experience the best game reserves in Africa, without you having to jump out of your comfort zone, or give up on the more traditional honeymoon comforts.

What You Do

So much will have happened leading up to the wedding. So now it’s time to sit back and let Africa’s best guides show you around. Safari itineraries can be tailored to how active and adventurous you want to be. Some couples want to walk hand in hand through elephant country and we can arrange this. Others like a focus on leisurely lunches, or dinners in the most exotic, wildlife rich locations. Hot air balloon rides offer a charming memory while nighttime game drives bring lots of thrill and excitement. Let us know your safari dreams and we’ll tell you what is possible.

Your Honeymoon Safari

Every couple is different and every wedding is different. So why should any two honeymoons be the same? Let us know your interests, ideas and budget. Then we’ll customise a honeymoon safari that’s just for you.

Planning a Honeymoon Safari – Essential Considerations

Don’t worry, you don’t need to plan this. We’ve been arranging honeymoon safaris for over a decade now. By understanding your interests we can make suggestions, based on the animals you want to see, the experiences you have in mind, and your honeymoon budget. Here are some initial questions to consider with your partner.

Safari, Beach, or Safari and Beach?

Africa has many of the world’s best beaches; just consider that half of the continent lies along the Indian Ocean. The Maldives and Seychelles are African islands. Here you have all the promise of white sand, turquoise waters and swaying palms. With one important addition: space. Often you’re the only couple creating footprints in the sand. When it comes to accommodation you’re always directly on the beach, but don’t have another resort immediately next door.

The classic safari honeymoon combines a multi-day wildlife experience with a white-sand beach destination, such as Zanzibar, Mauritius, the Maldives, the Seychelles, or Kenya’s stunning coastline. Most people want the thrill of a safari to come first, followed by all the downtime. If you’re going on honeymoon straight from your wedding it’s worth considering hitting the beach first; an escapist island provides the time you need to stop, relax and reflect on what’s just happened; then the big five and more are still to come!


These itineraries provide a glimpse of what can be possible. Everything will be customized to you and your partner’s interests. So use these itineraries as inspiration, rather than a final program.

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