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Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park Is On The Ne Side Of Botswana With The Chobe River Forming The Park’s Northern Border. The Park Lies Close To The Victoria Falls In Zimbabwe And Livingstone In Zambia. This Is An Ideal Location For A Combination Of The Awesome Victoria Falls With A Botswana Safari.


Chobe National Park Safari 

Wildlife of Chobe

Boat cruises on the Chobe River offer alternative experiences with wild-life viewing along the river.  On a Chobe Safari sightings of buffalo, giraffe, zebras, elephants and different species of antelopes is a common sight, as well as predators like leopard and lion.

The Chobe Riverfront is a permanent water source of the Chobe River ensuring an excellent wildlife viewing along the banks of the river.

The area is also in close proximity to the magnificent Victoria Falls making it a perfect combination for a Chobe Safari with a Victoria Falls tour.

Best time for a Chobe Safari:

Wildlife activity is along the banks of the river – especially during the drier winter months (May – October) when animals gather at the river-front to quench their thirst.

In the rainy season (November – April) the game spreads throughout the greater area of Chobe National Park.

Safari Lodges  in Chobe:
Most lodges in the Chobe area are located in the town of Kasane which is adjacent to the park.   With only a 10 minutes drive from the Park, enroute wildlife viewing of elephant and buffalo can often be enjoyed

The majority of our itineraries comprise of luxury safari lodges that front onto the Chobe River.

Fascinating Facts

    • Chobe is a huge 21,000 square kilometres of African wilderness, Chobe was declared as a National Park in 1967.
    • Botswana’s government has installed several advanced tourism policies to ensure to high quality, low volume tourism. This ensures the crowds are kept at bay, preserving Botswana’s extraordinary ecology and instills the countries position as one of the most spectacular wildlife havens on the planet.
    • The original inhabitants of Chobe National Park were the San bushman. Ancient San rock paintings that are estimated to be about 4 000 years old are still seen in the park on rocky hills.
    • Together with one of the most spectacular sunsets which are alone worth a visit here, Chobe thrives with wildlife. Game viewing is enjoyed sitting leisurely in a safari vehicle or whilst cruising along the Chobe River.
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