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Madagascar; The Islands Of Fascination


From eco-safaris tours to high end ultra-luxury getaways, this island is the perfect setting for a tailor-made adventure. The fourth largest exotic island in the world Madagascar is home of five percent of the world’s plant and animal species, more than 85 per cent of which are unique to Madagascar.

Most famous among those are the lemurs. From Lemurs, baobabs, rainforest, beaches, desert, trekking and diving, Madagascar is a dream destination for nature and outdoor lovers and also makes for a breathtaking honeymoon destination with its secluded privacy.

Random Fact

    • Madagascar has been an isolated island for around 70 million years, breaking away first Africa around 165 million years ago. This isolation led to the development of a unique flora and fauna, with more than 85 percent of its wildlife found ONLY in Madagascar.
    • Among its mammals were the now extinct giant flightless birds and dwarf hippos.

Useful Information

GMT + 3 hours


Passports must be valid for 6 months.

English, Malagasy.

Best Time To Travel To Madagascar

The tourist season begins in April after the cyclones. In general, the period between May to October, is the most pleasant time to travel to Madagascar, with cooler temperatures and little rain.

The months of July and August are the peak high season months with advance bookings recommended.

The months from September to December are also a very popular period to visit Madagascar. It is hotter than during the last months and it does not rain a lot (the rainy season starts at the end of December).

Avoid January to March, when heavy rain can make many roads muddy and impassable, and when there’s a high risk of cyclones in the east and northeast. Certain hotels are closed and even some big tour operators are not operative.

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Madagascar Holiday

The island of Madagascar, once described as 'Noah's Ark adrift in the Indian Ocean has some of the highest biodiversity on the planet.

A trip to Madagascar is a true defiance of anybody’s imagination. The unique landscapes with amazing baobab trees and surreal spiny plants, the humid beauty of untouched rainforests in the Eastern park of the country, its mile long pristine coasts and marine parks bustling with a dreamy undersea life, the extraordinary wildlife. A trip to this remote corner of the planet will be a truly memorable experience.

The breathtaking Madagascar’s wildlife attracts an increasing number of visitors targeting the big island in the Indian Ocean with their photo and video cameras. In fact it is lemurs that really draw wildlife enthusiasts here. 30 species of lemur populate almost all habitats of the country including the lush, wet, rainforest of eastern Madagascar and the very dry spiny desert in the southwest.

The List Of Endemic Species Here Is Extraordinary: 97% Of Animals Are Unique To The Island. Unique To Madagascar Too Are More Than 50 Types Of Lemurs And The Half Of Its 201 Resident Bird Species.

Classic Madagascar Tours

covering the must see for a first trip to Madagascar leading you to the most beautiful landscapes, National Parks, rainforests and lagoons.

Lodge and Resort Holidays

From Superior to Ultra Luxury accommodation – carefully chosen boutique resorts to provide high quality and unforgettable experiences.

Catamaran Cruises

Another adventure to experiment and explore superb islets in Madagascar. Ideal for switching off the world and just enjoying the peace, snorkeling and sunbathing on the white sandy beaches.


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