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A Safari in Kenya brings up images of the Wildebeest Migration thundering across the Masai Mara, the majestic cats of Tsavo and splendid views of Mount Kilimanjaro in Amboseli National Park. 

Kenya is famous for its ‘Out of Africa’ scenic beauty with unrivalled natural scenery, diverse cultures, magnificent game-rich National Parks and beautiful coastal beaches..  With endless plains dotted with Acacia trees, Kenya Safari parks offer epic views of the best of Kenya wildlife.

Select one of our sample Kenya safari holiday packages or let us tailor-make your own routing to experience magical moments and memories of a life-time.

Spice up your holidays in Kenya by camping in the African Savannah; rough it or spoil yourself in the exclusive range of private and unique luxury resorts. Kenya’s range of world famous game reserves are home to prolific wildlife on a massive scale, while the Indian Ocean is lined with white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, luxury boutique hotels and stunning coral reefs.

Enjoy magical beach and safari experience from our Kenya holidays  packages. Together with its friendly people and a laid-back lifestyle, Kenya is the perfect destination for a breath-taking safari holiday experience. 

Fascinating Facts

    • Kenya’s Great Rift Valley was formed around 20 million years ago, when the crust of the Earth was split.
    • Kenya was under British colonial rule between 1895 and 1963.
    • ‘Safari’ is a Swahili word meaning ‘Journey’
    • Kenya shares Lake Victoria, the world’s second largest fresh water lake, with Tanzania and Uganda.
    • Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, is located along the border between Kenya and Tanzania.
    • Kenya’s most popular game park is the Masai Mara, which borders the Serengeti plains in Tanzania. Between July and September, visitors can witness the remarkable annual wildebeest migration which takes place in the Mara.
    • Treetops Hotel is where the then Princes Elizabeth of England was staying with her husband when her father died. So she technically became queen while in Kenya. Kenya still has a special place in the heart of the British royal family.
    • You will leave in awe of this beautiful safari country. 

Useful Information

GMT + 2 hours

Kenyan Shilling

Passports must be valid for 6 months. A new e-visa service has been introduced for UK passport holders. From 02 July 2015, UK holidaymakers can apply for visas in advance of arrival into Kenya via the e-visa portal at

English, Kiswahili.

Best Time For A Kenya Safari Holiday

Best time to go: June to October –  to experience the annual Great Migration in the Masai Mara

High Season:  November, January, February, March

Low Season: April to May

Best Weather: June to October

Wet Weather:  April and May

Popular Destinations on a Kenya Safari Holiday

Amboseli National Park

Everyone’s picture of Kenya – a lion, elephant or cheetah against a backdrop of Africa’s highest mountain, the snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895 metres).The snows of Kilimanjaro, white and crystalline, form a majestic backdrop to one of Kenya’s most spectacular displays of wildlife – lion, elephant, leopard, rhino, cheetah, buffalo and hosts of plains’ game, creating Kenya’s most sought after photographer’s paradise. Distance from Nairobi: 260 kilometers from Nairobi – a 4 hour drive or 30 minute flight. From Mombasa a drive of 400 kilometers (5hrs) or a 60 minute flight.

Aberdare National Park

The park is a fairyland. Awesome in its majesty and beauty. The carnivores are represented by lion, usually more hairy and spotted than on the plains, leopard and serval, the latter often seen on the moorlands and sometimes in its melanistic state. Mammals of the forest zone include blue monkey, colobus, leopard, elephant, warthog black rhino, giant forest hog, bushbuck, buffalo, red duiker, and suni. The open moorlands have eland, several species of duiker, and the rare bongo. More than 200 bird species have been recorded. The Aberdare National Park hosts 2 unique tree hotels, The Ark and the famous Treetops Lodge. The Park is a wonderland of strange alpine plant mutants, dense forests, tumbling waterfalls and an abundance of wildlife. Waterholes and saltlicks at the hotels, attract the animals and are illuminated throughout the night for game viewing. Distance from Nairobi: Located in the Central Province, Central Highlands, west of Mount Kenya – 180Km – 3hrs drive.

Lake Naivasha Rift Valley

From the top of the escarpment of the Great Rift Valley you can see Lake Naivasha sparkling in the sun thousands of feet below. Just an hour’s drive from Nairobi, Naivasha is one of the gems in a necklace of Rift Valley lakes. In complete contrast to Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha is a freshwater lake that is home to buffalos and hippos – as well as being the ideal safari destination for birders! The waters of the lake draw a great range of game to these shores. Giraffes wander among the acacia, Buffalo wallow in the swamps and Colobus monkeys call from the treetops while the Lakes large hippo population sleep the day out in the shallows. Distance from Nairobi: 100kms from Nairobi or just over an hour on tarmac roads. The flying time from Nairobi to the Lake Naivasha airstrip is approx 45 minutes.

Lake Nakuru National Park

The park is unquestionably “the greatest ornithological spectacle on earth.” Serving as the congregation point for a roseatte mass of some 100,000 to 2 million flamingos and over 450 other species of birds – a spectacle of immense beauty. Other wildlife to be seen in the park are waterbuck, reedbuck, zebra, impala, Gazelle, lion, leopard, buffalo, hippo, and rhino, especially in the olive tree forest to the south west. Distance from Nairobi: 2 hours leisurely drive from Nairobi. The 156 Km Nairobi-Nakuru road gives the visitor an unrivalled view of the majestic Great Rift Valley, winding through a series of Lakes and forested uplands all the way to the bustling market town of Nakuru.

Masai Mara National Park

Virtually every common species of East African wildlife may be seen here including elephants, the legendary black-maned lions, leopard, cheetah, giraffes, wildebeests, buffalo, wart hogs, zebras, gazelles, topi, hyena, ostrich, hippos, baboons and many others. Undoubtedly the richest game reserve in Kenya, the Masai Mara not only offers you the opportunity to view abundant Plains’ Game but also the vista of an endless golden savannah. True storybook Africa. The richest game reserve in Kenya, the area is famous for its annual wildebeest migration from the Serengeti in Tanzania. There are more than two million animals in the Mara during the annual wildebeest migration. Explore the fascinating culture of the local Massai tribesmen and women and their famous ‘jumping’ ritual dance. Distance from Nairobi:325 kilometers from Nairobi – a 5 hour drive or a 50 minute flight from Nairobi.

Mount Kenya National Park

Jagged snow-capped summits of Africa’s second highest mountain, 5199m (17,058 ft) dominate the horizon of this park. Lying astride the equator, Mt. Kenya hosts a variety of flora and fauna, including the bongo, black rhino, bush pig and other wildlife. The Park hosts the famous Serena Mountain Lodge from where Game viewing throughout the evening and night includes elephant, buffalo, rhino, giant forest hog, water buck, and maybe leopard and lion. A specially constructed bunker affords close-up views of the game at the waterhole and is connected to the lodge by a short tunnel. Distance from Nairobi:a three hour scenic drive from Nairobi. Alternatively, Nanyuki airstrip is a one hour flight.

Samburu National Park

Plenty of wildlife – including elephant, lion, giraffe and zebra. Leopards are also regularly spotted. The Reserve is well known for providing the opportunity to see wildlife that only live in the dry north of Kenya. In this arid zone where water is scarce and the land baked by the eternal sun, herds of elephants and the big cats roam the plains with the Samburu special – the Reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, Beisa oryx, Somali ostrich and the long necked antelope, the gerenuk easily seen despite its harsh climes. Distance from Nairobi: Samburu National Park is located 325 kms north of Nairobi (6hrs drive or a 50-min flight).

Tsavo National Park

With its large herds of elephants, buffaloes and diversity of animal, bird and plant life, the Park has become a model national park. Tsavo is an ideal stopover en route to Mombasa. Besides the gigantic red elephants, other animals such as lions are abundant here, some undoubtedly direct descendants of the famous man-eaters of Tsavo, can be seen roaming around in this national park. Among the not so common animals to be found here are fringed-eared oryx, the gerenuk and the lesser kudu. The carnivores found here include serval, hyena, leopard, cheetah and caracal. The landscape is filled with giant baobab tree and which are reputed to live a thousands of years. Distance from Nairobi: 280 kilometres from Nairobi -5hrs drive – or from Mombasa – a 4hr drive. 1hr by flight.

Nairobi City

Kenya’s capital stands at an altitude of 5,500 feet and is the largest city in East Africa. A city of contrasts, Nairobi has a population of over 2 million people living side by side in shanty towns, middle class districts and expensive exclusive mansion suburbs. Nairobi offers a huge variety of things to do, plus a range of accommodation options for those who want to explore the bustling capital of Kenya before venturing on safari or heading home.

Mombasa Beach & Diani Beach

Soak up the sun, enjoy the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and relax on the brilliant white beaches of this picturesque paradise. Time spent relaxing on these beaches makes the perfect end to any safari in Kenya. View our Indian Ocean Island Destinations for more beach escapes.

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Kenya Holiday

Sitting Across The Equator, Kenya Is A Year-Round Destination. In Brief Though, Here's A Guide To The Best Times For The Best Experiences:

The Great Wildebeast Migration

The wildebeest migration comes through the Masai Mara between July and October. This is when thousands of animals arrive en-masse and there’s a better chance of seeing river crossings, but bear in mind that the Mara has excellent game all year round so you can also visit between December and late March or in June.

Golfing Safaris

Kenya has an impressive range of facilities in spectacular locations to tempt lovers of this game. Over 40 golf clubs dotted across the country with either nine-hole or 18-hole courses. The year-round tropical climate lends itself perfectly to golf.

Dolphin Watching

There’s a treat in store for lovers of marine wildlife at the Kisite Mpunguti Marine Reserve, on Kenya’s south coast, where over 120 bottlenose dolphins can be found between August and March.

The Malindi and Watamu Marine Reserves also provide great opportunities for dolphin sightings between September and February.

A Paradise For Bird-Watchers

Kenya is a mecca for birdwatchers – home to an amazing 1,100 recorded species – about 11% of the world’s total bird population. Bird Watching Expeditions are organised to Lake Baringo (highest recorded number of bird species, 450) – and also to Mount Kenya, Lake Naivasha, the Amboseli and Aberdare National Parks, Kieni Forest and Hell’s Gate.

Balloon Safari & Champagne Breakfast

View Nature on a whole new scale and experience the world from a brand new perspective. Take a hot air balloon safari and enjoy a breathtaking view of Africa with a Champagne Breakfast on landing.


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