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So you’ve gone against the grain and chosen a Honeymoon in Africa to celebrate the happy and long life you have ahead of you together. You couldn’t have picked a better place to visit. Africa is an incredible honeymoon destination not only because of it’s incredible beauty, ranging from romantic purple and red sunsets to beaches that stretch for as far as the eye can see, but also because of it’s wildlife and landscapes. Is there a better way to celebrate the life you are going to spend with your partner than adventuring, exploring and witnessing the most incredible of the world’s sights?


1. Tanzanian Safari Honeymoon:

If you’re looking to explore and witness the wildlife in complete luxury, then this honeymoon-tailored tour of Tanzania is for you. You will be spending nights in relaxing 5-star lodges designed in traditional African free-flowing architecture. You will spend time amongst the incredible wildlife and the varied landscapes, with an opportunity to hot air balloon across the Serengeti before a traditional champagne breakfast in the wilderness, a romantic once in a lifetime African experience.

Tanzania Safari Honeymoon – 7 Nights 8 Days



 2. Honeymoon on Zanzibar Island:

One of the most incredibly picturesque beach-side destinations in the world, Zanzibar features rolling white beaches with clear seas and colourful sunsets and is the exotic paradise everyone dreams about visiting – and when is there ever a better time to visit than your honeymoon? The Island is also home to one of the world’s only floating hotels, and you could spend a night in an underwater hotel room with your partner after a day of soaking up the sun, dining in luxury and treating yourselves to a couple’s massage on the paradise Island of Zanzibar.

Zanzibar Beach Honeymoon – 7 Nights 8 Days



3. Madagascar Escape Honeymoon:

Madagascar truly is all that it is renowned to be – a secluded, lush, tropical Island and home to some of the world’s most incredible species of wildlife. Whether you’re exploring your luxury hotel’s opulent facillities such as massages, pools and steam rooms, snorkelling and turtle watching in the crystal clear beaches, exploring the rainforest in search of native lemurs or simply soaking in the tranquility of this secluded Island, it really will be the escape you dreamt of it being.

Madagascar Honeymoon – 7 Nights 8 Days



4. Seychelles Luxury Honeymoon:

Situated off the coast of South-Africa, the Seychelles are a magically tranquil and wonderfully beautiful destination for honeymooners. Lined by soft white sands and greeted by gently lapping clear seas, the Islands are home to the world’s most postcard-worthy sights. From the sunset across the ocean in the evening to the colours of the palm trees against the cerulean blue sea at midday, the Island never disappoints. While here, you can enjoy opulent massages and exquisite fresh food dining, snorkel in the clear water or simply spend the days lazing on the beach soaking up the sun with your partner.

Seychelles Island Honeymoon – 7 Nights 8 Days



5. South African Exploration Honeymoon:

This exclusive honeymoon tour will take you through South Africa’s top destinations, staying in boutique accommodation and experiencing the wildlife of Africa up close and personal, from big cats to colourful exotic birds. You will have the opportunity to travel across the world’s most renowned wildlife reserves and watch the experienced trackers and rangers chase down the wildlife with you by their side. Also featuring some of the most wonderful scenery, you can opt to cable car to the top of Table Mountain and witness a panoramic view from the top as the sun sets with your partner by your side, a one in a lifetime and unparalleled experience.

South Africa Honeymoon – 9 Nights 10 Days Honeymoon


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