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Things First-Time Travelers Should Avoid During Uganda Safaris And Tours


Is Uganda on your mind as your next holidaying destination? Then you are not alone, Uganda has been one of the top tourism destinations around the world that every travel enthusiast wishes to visit once in their lifetime. What makes this country an alluring tourist site is its raw nature endowed with magnificent sceneries, incredible wildlife, rich history and hospitable people among others. 

Uganda Safaris & TourLooking into this craze among travelers in exploring our beautiful land, we at Safaris Online came with amazing Uganda safaris and tours packages that help our guests to discover the best of our country in a hassle-free way. However, we also prioritize the safety of our esteemed guests and hence have brought you some of the things that you should avoid during your Uganda safaris and tours experience when you are visiting for the first time. 

  • Self-Driving is a Big No

Many travelers opt for self-driving in Uganda, which we discourage especially for the first timers. We provide a driver guide who has ample knowledge regarding the routes which makes your traveling hassle-free as you need not have to worry about getting lost or bumping into troubles. Our aim is to make your Uganda safaris and tours experience easy, quick and enjoyable. 

  • Clubbing and Traveling at Night must be Avoided

If you are visiting Uganda for the first time then we would recommend you to avoid clubbing and traveling during night. Many a time travelers face issues like robbery and other stuff due to sheer negligence. Also, do not flash money as it can attract thieves to attack you. We can help you with night traveling as well, so take our experienced services and avoid any kind of hassle in our country.

  • Avoid Taking foods that May make you Sick

As you are first time visitor to Uganda, you may wish to try out street foods here, but we at Safaris Online would suggest you to avoid that as these foods might make you sick. Opt for foods cooked at hotels that are freshly prepared. We can also help you in finding the right accommodation and food service.

  • Drinking Tap Water Can Upset your Health

Drinking water from taps, ponds, wells, lakes and rivers should be avoided as it is not safe for your health. In Uganda we recommend you to drink water that is treated and boiled to ensure that you are not drinking contaminated water. Fortunately, good and upmarket lodges provide bottled water that is treated. 

  • Do not swim where you aren’t sure

We the people of Uganda take pride in our naturally blissful land that is endowed with natural lakes and rivers flowing through different corners of our land. That is why; swimming is one of the top outdoor activities that travelers in Uganda crave for. However, we at Safaris Online suggest our clients not to jump onto any water source they come across as that might not be safe for them. Some water sources are home to crocodiles, hippos and others are infected with bilharzia. We recommend our guests to go swimming at Lake Mutanda and Lake Bunyonyi as these two are safe!

Highlights of Our Uganda Safaris and Tours

  • Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
  • Visit to Kibale Forest or Chimpanzee Spotting
  • Getting glimpse of tree-climbing lions and savannah giants in Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Cruising past hippos and elephants on a Uganda safari in Murchison Falls
  • Relishing horseback safari around Lake Mburo
  • White-water rafting in Jinga at the River Nile

So are you ready to explore our natural wonder with us? Get in touch with us today!

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