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Kenya Bans Plastic Bags

Don’t Carry Plastic Bags in Kenya
Kenya Plastic Bags Ban

Plastic carrier bags will not be allowed in Kenya. So what can you carry when on a Safari in Kenya ? Read on alternatives to carry.

In a move praised by conservation groups and Health Organisations, Kenya has taken the lead in banning the use of plastic carrier bags and certain other plastic bags. Included in the ban are the following items that travellers might carry:

Kenya Plastic Bags BanKenya Plastic Bags Ban
• Duty free carrier bags
• Bags used when departing USA for liquids and gels in carry-on luggage
• General shopping bags
• Bin liners (sometimes used to protect luggage during rain)
• Dry cleaning bags (commonly wrapped around clothing)


Travellers arriving into Kenya via airports, sea ports or land borders will be required to leave any bags deemed to be on the banned list at the point of entry. Travellers will not be fined so long as they surrender any prohibited bags.

The following options are suitable replacements:
• Paper bags
• Durable “bag for life” bags
• Bags made from cloth, woven grass or sisal

Duty Free shop bags
The ban applies to the use, manufacture & importation of the banned plastics within Kenya. Since duty-free shops at Airports are considered to be outside the Kenyan territory, bags used at this point are not affected by the ban. However, any traveller coming into Kenya with duty free bags shall be required to leave the same at the entry points.

Following the above, the following guideline on the potential alternatives has been agreed with KEBs;

1. All bags made from non-plastic materials e.g. jute/sisal, Paper, cloth, Papyrus – Woven polypropylene plastic bags (gunny bags) & Non-woven polypropylene plastic bags (cloth-like bags) & Polyolefin fibre bags

Kenya Plastic Bags BanKenya Plastic Bags BanKenya Bans Plastic Bags
Hazardous waste liners are exempted so long as they are legibly and permanently labelled .

Garbage Liners are also exempted on condition that they are clearly labelled.
The liners will NOT be dumped together with the waste but will be emptied and reused or recycled by the licensed waste collector and transporter.

Kenya Plastic Bags Ban

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