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The Galápagos Archipelago, Darwin's Living Laboratory. Isolated From The Mainland For Millions Of Years, These Actively Volcanic Islands Are Home To Fascinating Creatures Found Nowhere Else On Earth.


Discover the exotic islands from a range of paradise hideaways either on land or gracing the coral reefs by yacht. Explore Santa Cruz Island to the endless sandy beaches of southern Isabela Island, you’ll enter a remote natural paradise that has been protected from the ravages of the modern world for centuries.

Along with dolphins, you’ll have the opportunity to swim with penguins, seal lions and marine iguanas, most of which are unique only to the Galapagos. Experience true nature and the warm turquoise waters surrounding the 13 main islands on one of the planet’s most magnificent natural environments.

Random Fact

    • The islands are home to the 30 centimeter scolopendra centipede that feeds on rats and lizards. It is one of the rarest animals on earth and a sight to behold.
    • Another interesting fact is that in the whole of the northern hemisphere, the Galapagos Islands are the only place that Penguins can breed.

Useful Information

GMT – 6 hours

US Dollar

Citizens of the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and several European nations are eligible for a free visa upon arrival in Ecuador.

English, Spanish.

Best Time To Travel To The Galápagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are a great year-round destination and there really is no “off-season”.

However, the high season tends to be from mid-December to January and from June to August. If you are planning your Galapagos getaway during the popular “vacation” months, we recommend you book your trip at least 6 months prior to your desired travel date or even sooner.

    • The warm, wet season (Late December to June)
    • The cool, dry season (Late June to December)

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Galapagos Holiday

The Galápagos Islands are located 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) from the South American mainland but a world apart from anywhere else on Earth.

A Remote Natural Paradise

The archipelago and its surrounding waters, located where three ocean currents converge, are famed for the unique animal species that piqued the interest of Charles Darwin in 1835. Decades later Darwin drew on his experiences here when penning his landmark theory of evolution by natural selection.

You’ll enter a remote natural paradise that has been protected from the ravages of the modern world for centuries. A trip to this corner of the planet will be carved in your memories for a lifetime.

World Class Diving

The waters of Galapagos are a Natural Heritage Site, and world known for top notch diving. Whether you plan to explore Galapagos’ underwater world, its secluded beaches or animal encounters, we can help you plan the ideal stay in the islands.

Galapagos Islands Facts

    • In an effort to preserve the islands as they were centuries ago, the Galapagos have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
    • The Galapagos National Park Service and the Charles Darwin Research Station jointly operate the islands. The Darwin Station conducts scientific research and conservation programs. It is currently breeding and releasing captive tortoises and iguanas.
    • Thought Lizards don’t swim in the ocean? They do in the Galapagos islands where the marine iguana is the only lizard known to swim in the ocean.
    • Galapagos’ giant tortoises can easily live up to 150 years



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