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Safari in Namibia - A Photographer's Dream Namibia is the ultimate land of discovery and soul-searching, Rugged Mountains, Immense Deserts, Stunning Wildlife And Colonial Cities with The Highest Sand Dunes In The World.


Come travel with us on a Namibia Safari, and experience for yourself why the ancient dwellers referred to it, as ‘the land God made in anger’. From Canyons to Coasts, Deserts to Dunes, Namibia has it all and is a magnificent country full of contrasts.

The red sand dunes at Sossusvlei, the prolific wildlife that gathers around waterholes and the pans of Etosha National Park; and the Fish River Canyon, the second largest natural gorge in the World, are the country’s three best-known attractions, but there are many others that make this country a ‘must visit’ destination.

Namibia tours will cover Swakopmund with its extraordinary ‘Moon Landscape’, a seemingly never-ending range of bizarre, barren hills resembling the Lunar Sea of Tranquillity.

Experience the haunting beauty on a Namibia Safari while exploring the highest dunes in the world and dolphin cruises in Walvis Bay. View the impressive Bushman paintings in Damaraland with day & night self-drive safari in the wild-life rich Etosha National Park.

Our destination resorts and safari lodges in Namibia are cautiously selected for a stunning location to offer the best out of your safari holiday in Namibia. Whether you need a luxury Namibia holiday package or budget-friendly one, we have something for you.

Browse our Namibia travel tips to choose when to come on safari holidays in Namibia. This is a unique Safari destination that has it all!

Random Fact

    • Two spectacular deserts – the Kalahari and Namib.
    • The Namib desert, at 80 million years, is the world’s oldest desert. Namib means “open space”.
    • Namibia is the second least densely populated country on earth.
    • Namibia, known as the “Gem of Africa”, is a unique place for eco-tourists. Much of Namibia is as it was centuries ago. because of this it has a host of unique natural wonders and astonishing places.
    • Etosha National Park is home to Africa’s tallest elephants
    • The Namib and Damaraland offer remarkably clear skies where the Andromeda Galaxy is sometimes visible.
    • Stunning Fish River Canyon is the second largest canyon in the world, after the Grand Canyon.
    • Namibia was a German colony, then captured by South Africa in World War I. It became independent in 1990.
    • Namibia is one of only two countries in the world that has desert elephants!
    • Sossusvlei Sand Dunes are some of the highest in the world. They’re one of Namibia’s most impressive sights.

Useful Information

GMT + 2 hours

Namibian Dollar

Passports must be valid for 6 months.


Best Time To Travel To Namibia

The best time for a Namibia Safari is during the months from May to October (Namibia winter), when the days are warm and dry, and wildlife easier to spot as they tend to congregate at waterholes.

The skies are clear, the risk of malaria is at its lowest, and animals are increasingly concentrated around water sources. Prepare for cold night time temperatures in June and July whereas September and October can be extremely hot.

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Namibia Holiday

Tours & Safaris In Namibia

The main emphasis of a Namibia Safari is on the country’s wild and vast desert and semi desert landscapes. The scenery varies between canyons, red dunes, rugged moon like landscape, salt pans, dry savanna thornveld to wetlands. Each area offers tours that highlight different aspects unique to it.

A safari in Namibia offers exceptional experiences in some of the world’s grandest national parks, ranging from the wildlife-rich Etosha National Park in north-western Namibia, to the dune fields and desert plains of the Namib-Naukluft Park in western Namibia.


Windhoek, in the Central Highlands, is the country’s geographical heart and commercial nerve centre, with an ethnic mix of people. A Namibia safari will normally start in Windhoek.


Namibia’s premier holiday resort With palm-lined streets, seaside promenades and accommodation for all budgets, Swakopmund is Namibia’s most popular holiday destination, and its pleasant summer climate and beaches attract surfers, anglers and beach lovers from all over.

It is a popular stopover on many Namibia safari itineraries. it is also the perfect place for those on a self-drive holiday to restock and get some rest between visiting the dunes of Sossusvlei and the attractions of northern Namibia.

Just outside town, a number of towering sand dunes have been set aside for all sorts of adventure activities that include sand boarding and skiing, quad biking, camel rides and off-road driving. Other activities in the area include boat trips in search of dolphins and seals, scenic flights over the desert and rewarding bird watching tours.

Etosha National Park

Game viewing in Etosha is excellent because wildlife is forced to congregate around the park’s water holes for much of the year and there is little vegetation to obstruct one’s view with the chance of seeing high numbers of predators and grazers.


The Sossusvlei dunes found in the Namib Desert are said to be the highest dunes in the world and one of the most spectacular sights found in Namibia. The best time to observe them is at sunset and sunrise where the ever changing colors create an almost surreal backdrop creating the perfect photographic opportunities.

Interesting Information

    • Shipwrecks scatter the Skeleton Coast coastline whilst elephants wander through the sand dunes that plunge directly into the freezing Atlantic ocean. A barren place that’s extremely rewarding for the adventurous traveler.
    • Dragon’s Breath Cave Holds the largest underground lake in the world.
    • The San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert, are considered Namibia’s first people. They traditionally followed the same migratory patterns of the animals and still have no homeland. They speak a language involving ‘clicks’.
    • Namibia has the largest free-roaming cheetah population in  the world.
    • More than 300 days of sunshine per year.

Balloon Safari & Champagne Breakfast

View Nature on a whole new scale and experience the world from a brand new perspective. Take a hot air balloon safari and enjoy a breathtaking view of Africa with a Champagne Breakfast on landing.


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